We're Having A Baby!

I've been waiting two months to write this blog post, and I can't believe I'm finally pushing the keys on this Mac keyboard to tell you that I'm going to be a mom! Ryan and I are expecting our first little bundle of joy in September, and we couldn't be more excited!!!

There was a moment when we didn't know if we were going to get to share this news. About seven weeks into my pregnancy we thought we were having a miscarriage. Thankfully the loss of blood and continued spotting was due to my growing placenta, and the baby's heartbeat proved to be very strong.

I'll be honest and say that when I first found out I was pregnant I was more scared than anything. I've never been really been confident around kids and babies. Growing up, I also never really fantasized about being a mom or even being married like many of my friends did. When I dreamed about life it was always about my career and the places I would travel to. Boy, how things change! I can't imagine my life without Ryan, and after a moment when I thought I wouldn't get to meet this baby I realized how much I REALLY, REALLY wanted to. Not that I didn't before, but I think my fears about parenthood out weighed my excitement at the time.

I have no idea how things are going to change, but I'm ready for the adventure. In my mind I don't see AVE Styles going anywhere, and I hope I can be a great mom and wife followed by being a successful fashion stylist. I don't know any fashion stylists that are moms except for Rachel Zoe, but I guess that just means there is more room for me. haha!

I'm officially finished with my first trimester as of Saturday. The morning sickness is gone and most of my food aversions have subsided. Chicken and coffee are still vetoed from my house right now. Poor Ryan!

I also am very proud to show off my baby bump these days, and of course I'm already on the prowl for comfortable maternity clothes. I've pretty much decided I only want to live in dresses. Pants are like a torture device to me. Not to mention, if I'm going to be big and pregnant in the flippin' hot months of June, July and August, you bet your bottom dollar I will be in breathable, airy dresses!