Third Trimester Maternity Style


28 weeks has arrived and so has 114 degree weather. Oh my gosh it's so flippin' hot here! I wish I didn't even have to get dressed right now because the struggle is REAL my friends. Forget wearing jeans in this heat with a giant elastic band that goes over your stomach...No, thank you! I'll stick to light-weight, soft, cotton maxi dresses thank you very much.

This white and black striped dress from ZARA is perfect for the summer. It's machine washable, and  the low back is just low enough to add some style, but not too low that I can't wear a bra. You do have to wear a nude slip with it, but other than that it's easy, breezy. It's not maternity either, so I love that I will be able to wear this dress post baby, and not look crazy.


I paired it with my boho bag from Anthropologie and some reflective shades from Lulu*s.


Side note, I have realized that there are some fairly uncomfortable things about third trimester that every woman should know:

1. You will develop a waddle. Forget being able to walk with one foot in front of the other.

2. Your belly can touch your legs when you sit down.

3. Your boobs can touch your stomach depending on their size.

4. You breathe heavier.

So much has to get done before this little guy is here, but man, I'm starting to feel ready to get back to my normal body. I just need to focus on the really cool thing about this trimester, which is that I can really feel him move more than ever.

Photos by Gina Meola.

Weekend Style

It's not too often that you see pictures of me sportin' my favorite outfits, so I'm going to try to start posting more. Here are a couple photos from my weekend captured with my iPhone. I chopped my very long hair off into a mid-length bob. I was inspired by Alexa Chung's amazing hair. Also, earlier last week ZARA opened at Scottsdale Fashion Square, so I had a lot of fun wearing my new boots and hat. I also fell in love with this blouse from Ross Dress for Less. Boy, I sure love a good bargain.

photo (3)

Floral Blazers

Not too long ago, I blogged about how floral prints on pants were becoming a hot fashion trend. Well, the same goes for floral blazers. The two items (pants and blazers) that usually remain basic solids are being transformed into outfit focal points. Now, silk tanks and tops are taking a back seat. The only thing is that blazers are often very expensive, so why would you spend your hard earned cash on a floral tailored fit when it's bound to go out of style soon? Well, you may not have to worry about losing too much of your money to cash in on this trend. ZARA and ASOS have it covered. For under $100.00 you can have a blazer of your own.

Okay, so how do you wear this bold statement? Keep the rest simple and classic. The images in this blog post are perfect examples.

What do you think? Is this a trend you want to invest in? Do you prefer floral pants to blazers?

Images: Starbucks & Chanel Bags, Tomboy Style, Wren, unknown, ASOS

ZARA Experience

I've been a LONG time lover of ZARA - an amazing retail company that offers fashion forward clothing at affordable prices. Get this though...I've been a big fan for a long time, but have never stepped foot into a store until this past weekend in San Francisco! Obviously, I had a wonderful vacation. ;) What's even more amazing is that the exact time that I finally got visit the store, ZARA finally started offering online buying of their clothes. YAY! It was great to figure out my size in the store, and get a feel of how things fit. I'm a 6 or 8 depending on the brand, and in ZARA I'm an 8. It's a European company, so things tend to fit a tad smaller than say GAP or J.Crew.

I definitely walked away with a great wardrobe addition - an off-white blazer with a hint of gold. I only had black and brown blazer until this point, so I'm glad I finally have color that will be great for spring and summer as well as fall and winter. If you missed my last post, blazers are great wardrobe builders and easily help you transition between seasons.

Some other items that caught my eye were...


This fur vest...Would look great juxtaposed to a soft chiffon or silk top!

These yellow pants with a front seam...Will make you stand out in a crowd!

These rust colored skinny jeans...Pretty color for fall!

This sequined jacket...Would easily take an outfit from day to night.

This teal scarf...It would bring color and texture to a black or gray, which is color people lean toward in the winter.

Love anything that you see? Get to shoppin'! You don't have to wait to visit a ZARA store anymore. =)

Point Those Toes!

Though I love a good pair of round toe pumps, pointy heels and flats are back. I know a lot of women that don't like this style of shoe because they feel it makes their feet look bigger. So, let me just say that being a woman that wears size 10, I totally understand this concern. However, with the right outfit I think pointy toed shoes can look hot. So, I'm running straight toward this trend, and I think you should too. ZARA has an amazing selection of shoes right now. I'm definitely eying the leopard flats. Check out some fun options from ZARA below...