ZARA Experience

I've been a LONG time lover of ZARA - an amazing retail company that offers fashion forward clothing at affordable prices. Get this though...I've been a big fan for a long time, but have never stepped foot into a store until this past weekend in San Francisco! Obviously, I had a wonderful vacation. ;) What's even more amazing is that the exact time that I finally got visit the store, ZARA finally started offering online buying of their clothes. YAY! It was great to figure out my size in the store, and get a feel of how things fit. I'm a 6 or 8 depending on the brand, and in ZARA I'm an 8. It's a European company, so things tend to fit a tad smaller than say GAP or J.Crew.

I definitely walked away with a great wardrobe addition - an off-white blazer with a hint of gold. I only had black and brown blazer until this point, so I'm glad I finally have color that will be great for spring and summer as well as fall and winter. If you missed my last post, blazers are great wardrobe builders and easily help you transition between seasons.

Some other items that caught my eye were...


This fur vest...Would look great juxtaposed to a soft chiffon or silk top!

These yellow pants with a front seam...Will make you stand out in a crowd!

These rust colored skinny jeans...Pretty color for fall!

This sequined jacket...Would easily take an outfit from day to night.

This teal scarf...It would bring color and texture to a black or gray, which is color people lean toward in the winter.

Love anything that you see? Get to shoppin'! You don't have to wait to visit a ZARA store anymore. =)

Teal Obsessed

The color that I'm loving the most right now is teal. I'm not only looking for great ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe, but I'm super excited to add it to the color scheme of my new home. I think you're going to be a seeing a lot of this gem tone this year. Kate Spade, Cole Haan and J.Crew have all made it part of their collections. Check out some gorgeous teal inspiration below, and let me know if you happen to find some teal pants. I would LOVE to own a pair.

Photos: West Elm, Kate Spade, Gretchen Jones, Cole Haan, The Row House Nest.