I'm not the best at giving gifts, I must admit. The way I show love the most is through words of encouragement and quality time. When I'm shopping for a gift I want to go to one place to by it all. For gifts for my girl friends, I love all of the little trinkets that Idieh Design has to offer. It's my one stop V-Day place for sure!

Heidi Barlett is the boss lady behind the company, and she is also a fellow Phoenician. She has such great style and taste, and I love that she has created her own line of t-shirts, accessories and prints. Some of my favorite things from her shop and gifts for Valentine's Day are her t-shirts, iPhone cases and prints. 

iPhone cases are always a good gift if you know what size to get. You can easily add a personal touch, and it's a fun accessory everyone enjoys switching out from time to time. This one with lipstick marks all over it is my personal favorite.

Graphic prints are like a better version of a greeting card. It's something that people can hang, and often times the best prints are encouraging and up-lifting. I love thinking that I gift I give can keep on giving for years to come, and that's exactly what a framed print like this one can do.

Lastly, graphic t-shirts are still popular. Maybe your friend doesn't wear them on a daily basis, but these shirts are cute to workout it on even sleep in. I love this "dance it out" one because my family has a dance party in our living room almost every night. The lipstick mark t-shirt is also great too, especially if you're nervous your friend won't resonate with the sentiments on the other t-shirt.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer