Life Update

I haven't updated you guys on life and my fashion pursuits in almost six months!!! So much has changed, including my HUGE career move in public relations.

So, here's the condensed version...(Don't worry - I'll put some fun photo inspiration throughout. You can never have enough eye candy!)

I last left you guys with the news that I wouldn't be attending FIDM because of the lack of jobs in California and that I had won Best Craftsmanship in the IIDA Couture Competition.

Well, that left me with no other choice but to pursue the fashion industry from Phoenix, Arizona. So, I started my own styling business, AVE Styles. (The website will be up at the beginning of June). My goal is to help men and women feel comfortable and confident with their clothing and appearance.

Then I ended up snagging a little PR freelancing gig for a shopping website and doing some small business management for the incredibly talented Promise Tangeman, which led Ryan and I to have a discussion about how I need to just take the plunge and go part-time with my PR job. I did it. I now work Monday through Wednesday doing architecture PR, and Thursday through Sunday I devote my time to fashion.

Working with a creative like Promise has been SOOOOO energizing. Not only is she just a fun person with brilliant ideas, but she connected me to a stylist for Phoenix Fashion Week.  I just went to my first meeting yesterday and will now be a dresser for fashion shows. More on that VERY SOON! Maybe even some free tickets to a fashion event?! hmmmmm...=)

I also joined Fashion Group International, which has connected me with some brilliant minds in the fashion industry. Everyone from makeup artists to photographers to buyers - this group is serious about the runway. I think I will be gleaning a lot about the market through FGI.

You will also find me giving fashion citations these days through Channel 15 Sonoran Living's website. That has been a really interesting experience. haha.

Lastly, I've been working hard on building a portfolio. Some fun fashion photo shoots are in works, and I'm just high on immense blessings from God. I have fully let go and surrendered everything to Him. Granted - I'm working 70 hour weeks and hittin' the pavement, but He is meeting me daily.

Is it scary that I'm making less money? Of course! Is it scary not knowing if this is all going to pan out? Of course! But I sure am loving this adventure, hard work and freedom to be who I am.