Marie Antoinette Sneak Peek

So, there are a couple of shoots that I've had under by belt that I have been DYING to share with all of you. One of them is a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot in collaboration with SO MANY talented individuals, but most importantly Jeanette LeBlanc Photography and Beautiful Day Films. My role with this project was stylist AND producer. Yes - my first shoot that I took creative control over. EEK! haha.

I still can't release the photos because we have high hopes for getting published (photos shown are a couple behind the scenes pics by Jennifer Boonlorn), but I'm SOOOO happy to be able to share with you a little fashion video that Beautiful Day Films put together to showcase our hard work.

Another post will be coming soon about how this all came together, who contributed and the inspiration behind the vision. It's a BIG & LONG story, but it's soooo good that Beautiful Day Films created a documentary. =) Coming soon...

Marie Antoinette::Orpheum::Fashion Edit from Beautiful Day Films on Vimeo.