Men with Glasses

Maybe it's because I work in architecture...Maybe it's because I'm married to a man with glasses...Maybe it's because I'm a nerd...But, I just LOVE glasses on men. Heck, I just like glasses period. I started wearing glasses when I was six years old for reading. I had thick plastic, purple glasses that I thought were the coolest thing. Let me just say, that wasn't a style moment for me. I looked like a worse version of Hermoine Granger when she first started at Hogwarts. Haha! (Glasses and frizzy hair should never go together.) Since then, however, they have just become of a great way for me to express style. The same goes for guys.

So, if you're a dude out there reading this and you hate your glasses, rethink it! Grab a friend that will give you honest advice and try on some awesome pairs such as the ones below. The ladies will think you're an architect, designer, artist of some sort or incredibly distinguished.