Menswear Monday: The Summer Uniform, Part 6

The Loose Ends Now that you’ve got your basics, a few other items will complete the package.

Belt:  Just like jeans, shoes and jackets, belts look best when they’re really basic or lovingly worn in.  Find a canvas or nylon webbing belt and a brown leather belt, and beat the hell out of both of them.

Sunglasses: Forgo the neon and find some old-school tortoise-shell frames.  Don’t just buy the styles (coughWayfarerscough) that are popular, either: find something that works with your face shape.

Jeans:  We’ll talk about selvedge denim another day, but it’s important that jeans be part of this summer wardrobe.  Just don’t get something so heavy and dark that you sweat through them.  Find something lightweight, like these Levi’s 514’s or some William Rasts.

Madras:  Ah, the other great Indian fabric (besides seersucker) is the perfect pop of color and pattern in one.  Whether it’s shorts, a shirt, or even a tie, it can pair effortlessly with any of the summer essentials.

Put it all together:

Khakis ($39.99, J. Crew), White t-shirts ($28.99, Calvin Klein), Ake slip-ons ($38.50, Zuriick), blue oxford ($150, Brooks Brothers Black Fleece), Desert boots ($95, Clarks), Canvas belt ($7.99, Gap),  Sunglasses ($6.99, Urban Outfitters), Madras shorts ($59.99, Polo), Jeans ($37, Levi’s)  Total: $464.45

Not bad for a six-to-eight month wardrobe, huh? - Rob Hays