Mia & Dean Styled

A month ago, I had the opportunity to style Mia and Dean, clients of Gina Meola's, for their engagement session. I love engagement sessions because it's just two people being themselves in front of the camera. I always tell my clients that they are not going to have a bunch of wedding pictures scattered around their house because frankly the white dress in every photo gets old. Pictures in every-day clothes, acting like themselves are just as special and timeless.

Mia and Dean definitely have style! It took me less than two hours to find four outfits for them. I usually just recommend two, but we couldn't resist the opportunity to show off their fashion sense in addition to their love.

I'm convinced that Mia is sisters with Eva Mendez. She is stunning, no?!

We selected Mia's outfits first. I always find that easier since women's outfits can be more complex considering the many combinations patterns, jewelry, shoes, etc create. From there we chose Dean's clothes, and made sure everything complemented each other.

Dean invited his kids for a couple shots after we had chosen everything. So, I just advised them on what would complement their clothes best and they did a wonderful job shopping!

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