Urbran Cowgirl

I've lived in Arizona for nine years, and it took me two and half years of styling to finally do a cowboy shoot...or shall I say cowgirl. For some reason, I have finally fallen in love with the desert this year. I've already done three shoots using the Sonoran backdrop. I think that might be enough for the year though.

Several months ago a NYC makeup artist, Tonya Noland, contacted me about doing a test shoot with her. In New York City she is constantly working in a studio, so it's really hard to add photos using natural light to her portfolio. She arranged a special shoot in sunny Arizona, and reserved time on a dude ranch. Yep, we got to use LIVE horses!!!

She sent me some inspiration and then I added my own twist to it. I didn't want it to be too literal. I wanted to make sure fashion trends were present, so obviously a bit of rock 'n roll and glam came out.

Eric Cassee was the photographer on the project and did a wonderful job using the light and the scenery. It was actually high Noon when we were shooting, which can pose a lot of problems for a photographer. Harsh light and shadows are rarely your friends, but he managed to work around it.

Because it was a test shoot there were only four looks, but I love every one of them. Rachel Yampolsky from Agency Arizona was the beautiful model and rocked everything. You need to watch out for this girl. She has the gift!