My Top 5 Fashion Films

There are so many films that have spurred fashion trends such as Breakfast at Tiffany's and Clueless. Though those are definitely films I know well, there are so many others out there that evoke a desire to dress a certain way, make you want the wardrobe or just explode with so much beauty that  it makes you feel beautiful and pretty. Here are my top five without any order of importance because, well, that's just too hard. =)

1. Pride & Prejudice (2005) - This film OOOZES beauty! The art direction is INSANELY good. Sunlight plays a huge role in the film giving enhancing the antique and vintage ambiance. The actual clothing isn't something that I long to wear, but the lace, ruffles, cool earth tones, simple makeup and hair create a desire for feminine simplicity.

2. Sweet Home Alabama - This may be a cheesy chick flick, but I just think that Reese Witherspoon looks flawlessly beautiful throughout the movie. From New York elegance to southern casual, there's a part of me that just wants to be her. Maybe it's also because she plays a fashion designer. =)

3. Pretty Woman - This is no brainer. I mean, the title gives it away. From the black lace cocktail dress to the red full length gown, every woman just walks away not only wanting her body, but desiring the confidence and elegance Julia carries with each outfit.

Marie Antoinette - The talented director, Sophia Coppola, gave her costume designer a dream job with this film. The clothes are nothing short of decadence, frill, royalty and avante garde.

5. Funny Face - Audrey Hepburn is a style icon for many reasons. Most people remember Breakfast at Tiffany's when they think of her, but my all time favorite Audrey film is Funny Face. A musical with Fred Astaire as a fashion photographer and Audrey Hepburn as his muse. The black capris and black turtleneck that she wears is the simplest combination, and I adore it. There honestly are SO many gorgeous looks throughout the movie. Watch it!

So, if you need a fashion pick-me-up, rent one of these films!