Nail Trends

Do you remember the days when nail polish only came in pinks and reds? Sometimes you would see things tilt toward purple or orange, but you never saw lime green, royal blue and definitely not black except for Halloween.

I think my first time seeing blue nail polish was in the Delia's catalog or in Hard Candy's makeup line. Remember those days?

Now we have a rainbow of choices including sparkles and metallics.

For the past couple of years deep navy, black, plumb and white have all enjoyed their time in the spotlight as "THE nail color of the season" thanks to iconic fashion house Chanel.

So, what's the trend now? Well, shades of pale greens, pale blues, lavender,coral and all things glitter are everywhere. But to be honest, I feel like nail color trends have kind of died and now it's just a free for all. Do you agree or disagree?