I think one of our greatest gifts as humans is our imagination. It's not only what fuels innovation, but it transports you to places where colors are more vibrant, where nature becomes more majestic, and most importantly where there are no limits or restrictions. Kids are the best at using their imagination because they haven't yet experienced and learned about life's limitations. BUT I do think that we can continue to be just as creative as we once were if we spend more time doing it and experiencing the result of others doing it too. This is why the arts are so important to support, and also why the entertainment industry is so profitable...Film, music, dance, fashion, etc. are professions that take us beyond our reality. Last night I finally sat down to watch Chanel's Pre-Fall 2012 Paris-Bombay show. WOW! Chanel never disappoints when it comes to a show and that's because they completely transport you to what they were once imagining, and then made reality for 15 minutes.

Sit down and watch at least five minutes of their show, and then watch two minutes of how these clothes were executed. Part of bringing our dreams to life is excellent craftsmanship.

And in that video also lies the reason for why these clothes cost so much - talent, creativity and excellent craftsmanship.

Seeing this just makes me want to bring excellence and imagination to every shoot I'm a part of. Oh, and dream of one day attending a Chanel show too. =)

Photos from Cool & Chic Style Fashion.

Nail Trends

Do you remember the days when nail polish only came in pinks and reds? Sometimes you would see things tilt toward purple or orange, but you never saw lime green, royal blue and definitely not black except for Halloween.

I think my first time seeing blue nail polish was in the Delia's catalog or in Hard Candy's makeup line. Remember those days?

Now we have a rainbow of choices including sparkles and metallics.

For the past couple of years deep navy, black, plumb and white have all enjoyed their time in the spotlight as "THE nail color of the season" thanks to iconic fashion house Chanel.

So, what's the trend now? Well, shades of pale greens, pale blues, lavender,coral and all things glitter are everywhere. But to be honest, I feel like nail color trends have kind of died and now it's just a free for all. Do you agree or disagree?