ban.doI saw this hair accessory company on another blog, Oh Joy!, and I thought I'd share it with you guys. They make some pretty incredible pieces. In general, I think they are over priced, but you can get some great ideas from Ban.Do. Ban.Do was started by two California stylists, Jen and Jamie. They began creating one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces, but now that they've become more popular their accessories are "vintage inspired." Check 'em out! Got any favorites? Too much for you?

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Leather Head

img-thingWhen I think of items made out of leather, I think of purses, shoes and couches. Headbands and necklaces don't really come to mind, but to Malababa they do.I think these accessories are innovative, but I don't know if I'd wear some of them. I love the leather and chain necklaces and the chain belt! What are your thoughts? 18malababa198_0blackroseringmalab2001210484_prod_mediumDSCN5355G_fleurmalababaimg-thingmalababaMalababa2malababa-necklace_208bracelet

Mix & Matching Patterns

img-thingFor most of my life I've been the person that always buys solid color shirts, jackets, pants, etc. Maybe it was my simple and practical side dominating my creativity or because I thought solids had more versatility, but thankfully the fashion world has really embraced colorful prints and patterns in a new way over the past two years and now you see people mixing it up all of the time! Kate Spade, Tory Burch and Diane Von Furstenberg are some of the designers that have lead the charge with vibrant colors and geometrical shapes. Well, I've finally embraced it myself and created a collage of fun finds to prove it.

Starbucks the new fashion accessory?

dsquared24Apparently, DSquared2 feels that Starbucks is a great fashion accessory for the catwalk. Starbucks + Fashion = Count me in! I must say I love the styling for this show. Having Starbucks in a model's hand is brilliant because it automatically sends the message that they are catering to the "every day woman."  Though having Starbucks every day is expensive (ahem...Ryan) and most of these outfits are for the every day rock star/bohemian/Californian... dsqaureddsquared2dsquared6dsquared7dsquared8dsquared23dsquared25dsquared29