Menswear - What Sets You Apart?

So, you have bought your timeless navy suit, found those magic jeans that make you actually have a butt and snagged your favorite wrinkle-free white and blue button-down shirts....Congratulations! You now look like every other guy on the street, but hopefully with good quality clothes. So, now the question is, "What sets you apart?"

Well, you could always grow a sweet handlebar mustache...But seriously, if you're a working professional that is confined to a dress code of slacks, dress shirts and suits you're kind of limited. I mean, you can only keep your awesome Ray Bans on for so long until people start asking you if you're a Bono wannabe.

Think details! From your jacket lining to your belt, it's the details that help make you different from the guy in the cube next to you.

Leather Head

img-thingWhen I think of items made out of leather, I think of purses, shoes and couches. Headbands and necklaces don't really come to mind, but to Malababa they do.I think these accessories are innovative, but I don't know if I'd wear some of them. I love the leather and chain necklaces and the chain belt! What are your thoughts? 18malababa198_0blackroseringmalab2001210484_prod_mediumDSCN5355G_fleurmalababaimg-thingmalababaMalababa2malababa-necklace_208bracelet