Fossil Spring Bag


Can you believe spring is almost here? I can't really tell with the sudden drop in temperatures here in Phoenix, but that hasn't stopped me from transitioning my accessories over to the new season. 


As you know Fossil is my go-to place for handbags and watches. I think I have about four different handbags from them now. The quality of their leather and their prices just can't be beat, and the styles are SO CUTE. I saw this white Ryder Satchel with black and brown detailing and I knew it would be that perfect spring and summer bag to go with everything. 

I like this bag because it's actually quite large. It holds all of my stuff and then some. I have carried three books in this bag. It also has a detachable strap when you just want to wear it as a handbag instead of a shoulder bag. 


You'll also notice that I'm wearing one of their new hybrid watches. This one is stainless steel and called the Jaqueline Hybrid Smartwatch. It syncs to your phone and vibrates when you have a text or a call, but doesn't show who is calling. I like that feature because it alerts you to check your phone but it's not as distracting as the full smartwatch.  

I must say silver has grown on me again, and I'm starting to switch back to it, especially for the summer seasons. What do you think? Are you more of a silver or a gold person?

Photos by Rennai Hoefer; Product given as a form of payment.

Be Neutral

img-thingI'm the girl that rarely changes her purse. The reason being is that it's a chore to  have to take everything out of the bag I carry my "life" in. Neutral bags are a necessity to any wardrobe because they match with every outfit. Black and brown are colors I wear often, and though it's okay to mix and match the colors, a neutral bag will always go with a black outfit or a brown outfit.

So, if you're like me, and hate when things don't match and hate changing bags, put a neutral bag on your Christmas wish list. Click to view some examples.

Leather Head

img-thingWhen I think of items made out of leather, I think of purses, shoes and couches. Headbands and necklaces don't really come to mind, but to Malababa they do.I think these accessories are innovative, but I don't know if I'd wear some of them. I love the leather and chain necklaces and the chain belt! What are your thoughts? 18malababa198_0blackroseringmalab2001210484_prod_mediumDSCN5355G_fleurmalababaimg-thingmalababaMalababa2malababa-necklace_208bracelet

Francesca's Collections

francescas21I don't know how I ever passed this store up! I think I have walked by Francesca's Collections at least twenty times and have never gone in until my friend Katelyn Block wrote a post about it on her blog. I finally went in and I loved everything there! They have a lot of great tops, dresses and accessories for very reasonable prices. At least a couple times a month they have coupons or deals, so make sure to get on their listserv and check out a store near you or shop online! Here are some of my favorite dresses, purses and wallets!francescasfrancescas3francescas2francescas4 francescas1francescas5francescas61francescas7