Angela & Roi

If you're thinking about buying a new bag, I've got a GREAT idea for you- buy one from a company that promotes more than just a style. Angela & Roi, a handbag company started by couple Angela & Roi Lee, makes handbags that are not only minimalistic and chic, but also made with vegan leather! The bags are beautiful, but if you need more convincing, Angela & Roi donates a portion of each sale to a healthcare organization through their Donate by Color campaign. They make large totes, shoulder bags, and cross body bags all with vegan leather-all minimalistically gorgeous. My personal favorite: the mini black cross-body. Check out their website to learn more about the causes they donate to, as well as see the beautiful bags they make! angelaroi1

The mini cross body comes in 5 different colors!


Stylish Weekender

Everyone has their indulgences, right? For some people it's once a month massages, nail appointments, having their car detailed, Sprinkles cupcakes, etc. For me, trying new restaurants, having my hair done, and soy lattes are my frequent rewards. The ULTIMATE treat, however, is travel. I LOVE visiting new places, friends and family. Plus, after seeing this AWESOME weekender at Urban Outfitters (first bag below), I'm itching to jet set off to California, Colorado or even New Mexico since they're all close by.

Below, you may just find the weekender bag that will give you the indulgent travel bug too! (BAGS: ASOS, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Fendi, Hickoree, J.Crew/Wexler, Anthropologie)

Epiphanie Photo Shoot Part 1

This summer I had the AMAZING opportunity to work with Epiphanie Bags, and style a photo shoot for their ADORABLE Lola Bag.

Epiphanie Bags was created by genius Maile Wilson who saw a need for stylish camera bags for the growing photography community. Being a photographer herself, she was tired of lugging around the boring, masculine black bag, so she designed a line of bags that incorporated color, functionality and style.

The concept behind this photo shoot came from Maile's desire to use real life photographers from around the country as models for each bag in the line. Enter Promise Tangeman.

Now, if any of you have checked out her blog, you know that this gal is plenty stylish on her own. So, to come in and create "promified" outfits for this shoot was a bit intimidating.

Of course, I gathered a bunch of inspiration before setting foot in her closet. Here's what I came up with...

As you can see, there's an indie, relaxed and natural vibe in most of the clothing. We wanted her shoot to feel free-spirited and fun.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Epiphanie Photo Shoot Reveal.

Be Neutral

img-thingI'm the girl that rarely changes her purse. The reason being is that it's a chore to  have to take everything out of the bag I carry my "life" in. Neutral bags are a necessity to any wardrobe because they match with every outfit. Black and brown are colors I wear often, and though it's okay to mix and match the colors, a neutral bag will always go with a black outfit or a brown outfit.

So, if you're like me, and hate when things don't match and hate changing bags, put a neutral bag on your Christmas wish list. Click to view some examples.