Stylish Weekender

Everyone has their indulgences, right? For some people it's once a month massages, nail appointments, having their car detailed, Sprinkles cupcakes, etc. For me, trying new restaurants, having my hair done, and soy lattes are my frequent rewards. The ULTIMATE treat, however, is travel. I LOVE visiting new places, friends and family. Plus, after seeing this AWESOME weekender at Urban Outfitters (first bag below), I'm itching to jet set off to California, Colorado or even New Mexico since they're all close by.

Below, you may just find the weekender bag that will give you the indulgent travel bug too! (BAGS: ASOS, Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Fendi, Hickoree, J.Crew/Wexler, Anthropologie)

Borrow Designer Clothing

lelaroseEvery girl has had that moment where they've bought a dress for an event, spent a bit too much and never worn it again. It's the worst feeling! Maybe you've even done the dirty deed of buying a designer piece, worn it once and returned it...(ahem)...Well, now you don't have to worry about that again! Stylist recently wrote a post about Wear Today Gone Tomorrow, and I have to say, this company is genius! You can rent designer clothing by the week without worrying about late fees or due dates. When I say 'designer,' I mean "DESIGNER!' They have clothing from Alberta Feretti to Carolina Herrera to Fendi to Valentino!!! Here are some dresses I thought were cool...