Leather Head

img-thingWhen I think of items made out of leather, I think of purses, shoes and couches. Headbands and necklaces don't really come to mind, but to Malababa they do.I think these accessories are innovative, but I don't know if I'd wear some of them. I love the leather and chain necklaces and the chain belt! What are your thoughts? 18malababa198_0blackroseringmalab2001210484_prod_mediumDSCN5355G_fleurmalababaimg-thingmalababaMalababa2malababa-necklace_208bracelet

Quarter of a Century

bcbgmaxzariaToday I turn a quarter of a century old! Birthdays have never been a huge thing in my family because there only three of us for so long. haha. Over the years my birthdays have included Chuck E. Cheese's, gymnastics parties, pool parties, sharing my birthday with my cousin Nicole in New Hampshire, bowling, being in Lake Tahoe one year and now sharing my birthday with my in-laws and husband! However, every birthday party needs one thing... a party dress, of course! Today I'm wearing a skirt and a fun headband just because I have to be professional, but I decided to go ahead and find some dresses I would wear depending on the location...=)


Beautiful, Ornate Headbands

leighton_meester_300x400Any fans of Gossip Girl out there?! I am one of them, and I love that Blair and Serena wear a lot of headbands. Some of the headbands are made by the amazing designer Jennifer Behr. If you're a bride or you have prom coming up or just want something very, very special...check out these made-to-order headbands. They are absolutely beautiful!

PS - Have you heard Leighton Meester sing yet?! Check it out! ("Good Girls Go Bad")



diane0922Here's something you may not know about me...I used to wear headgear for a year. Yes, the full on headgear that went on top of your head and then down to this metal mustache of a thing...To be honest, I thought it was the coolest!  My friend and I even posed with our "gear" and proudly wore it to school. (WHAT WAS I THINKING!?)Well, there seems to be a lot of 'head gear' going on in fashion this spring: hippie headbands, floral headbands, scarves...Do you have a favorite? Do you wish they didn't exist? I have a headband fettish, could be remnants of my love for my first headgear, but I'm definitely liking this fashion trend! freepeopleurbanoutfittersrebeccataylorubranoutfitters1