Best Video EVER

3501818571_4c0844ffabI share about my personal dreams and goals, but I don't really talk much about my family and friends mainly because I try to keep the content some what design oriented. However, today is a special day because I'd like to share with you my beautiful niece, Claire Alaina Vender,  that has brought my family so close together through the struggles of her health and her beautiful presence on this earth. My niece is almost one (I can't believe it), and she has had an incredible journey just within this year. My sister, Nicky, and my brother, Adrian, are incredible parents that have endured immense hardship as their lives have been dramatically changed through sleepless nights, countless doctor visits and trying to understand God's presence in it all. At the same time, however, the joy Claire brings to all of our lives is priceless, and baby steps of her learning to swallow, roll over and smile have been all of the more special to the family.

Nicky and Adrian were able to capture her smile on camera for the first time, and I'd love to share it with you. You can read more about Claire's story and her journey on Adrian and Nicky's family blog,

Beautiful, Ornate Headbands

leighton_meester_300x400Any fans of Gossip Girl out there?! I am one of them, and I love that Blair and Serena wear a lot of headbands. Some of the headbands are made by the amazing designer Jennifer Behr. If you're a bride or you have prom coming up or just want something very, very special...check out these made-to-order headbands. They are absolutely beautiful!

PS - Have you heard Leighton Meester sing yet?! Check it out! ("Good Girls Go Bad")