Classic Button-Up Shirt

blueshirtI would say that almost every person reading this blog either currently has a classic button-up shirt in their closet or has had one in the past. Other than needing them the day of prom for you up-do's, a crisp blue or white button-up shirt is a preppy staple for your closet. Because of my shape I don't wear them very often, but it doesn't lessen my love for the preppy, all-American go-to item. So, I've created my ideal day look and Friday night look with the beloved collared shirt. Day on the left, night on the right.

Mix & Matching Patterns

img-thingFor most of my life I've been the person that always buys solid color shirts, jackets, pants, etc. Maybe it was my simple and practical side dominating my creativity or because I thought solids had more versatility, but thankfully the fashion world has really embraced colorful prints and patterns in a new way over the past two years and now you see people mixing it up all of the time! Kate Spade, Tory Burch and Diane Von Furstenberg are some of the designers that have lead the charge with vibrant colors and geometrical shapes. Well, I've finally embraced it myself and created a collage of fun finds to prove it.