Life is hectic. There's no way around it. However, there are ways to majorly simplify and streamline your life. Did you know that this week (August 1-7) is National Simplify Your Life Week? Well, it is! Why not use this as an opportunity to do just that? In classic style, I turned to Pinterest to find some simplifying life hacks that I'd like to share with you. 

  • Pare down your wardrobe using the helpful 4 pile strategy and get in the habit of picking out tomorrow's outfit before you go to bed each night. This DIY copper pipe clothing rack is the perfect place to set aside your options for the day! 
  • Give this article a read and choose a few new things to try. I've found #22 to be super helpful for work related tasks. 
  • Take advantage of these kitchen shortcuts and timesavers
  • Set aside some time this weekend to tackle one of these DIY organization projects! Your efforts will pay off in the long run. 
  • Have kids? Implement a new chore chart system to get some help with those daily bothersome tasks. Not only will things start getting done around the house, but it's also a great way to teach responsibility. And you'll also have time to try these mom hacks while you're at it. 
  • Pick up a few of these handy kitchen gadgets to make cooking a breeze. 
  • Hang this laundry cheat sheet next to your washer and dryer so you never have to question what the little symbols on your tags mean or how you're supposed to get wine out of that blouse. 


Back to school is an exciting time for parents and kids. Shopping for school supplies, picking out some new fall clothes, making new friends, and welcoming another year of learning, fun, and growth. However, with all of these exciting changes, it can make morning routines much more complicated. Every parent knows the stresses that occur Monday-Friday in the wee hours of the morning before school, trying to get the kiddos (and yourself) ready for the day ahead. In my experiences as a mom (and remembering back to my own youth) one of the biggest time sucks in the morning can be picking out outfits for the kids. 

This year, I've decided to test out a capsule wardrobe collections for kids to simplify the process of getting ready for all parties involved. The key is pairing down your children's wardrobe to a smaller, more manageable collection of items that they truly love, while still having all of the essentials for whatever weather or activities come your way. Around thirty-forty clothing items is ideal for a true capsule wardrobe, but any consolidation you can do will make your life much easier this back to school season. Take a peek at the capsule collections below for some inspiration, and feel free to shop the looks straight from this page! 

Bargain Hunting Dress Code

Black Friday is almost here, and I can smell the bargains, especially since I did some huntin' today at my favorite place, Last Chance. Regardless of whether you're going to brave the madness on Friday, there's definitely a way to dress to maximize your shopping time and look cute in the process.

1. Slip-on shoes - wear shoes that are comfortable, and that you can slip quickly on and off of your feet. This will make trying on shoes a breeze. And if you live in a climate like Arizona, don't wear socks.

2. Wear jeans - Pick your favorite pair that you'll feel confident in. Jeans go with everything so you can easily try on tops and jackets with them. Plus, they are comfortable.

3. Nude strapless bra - No matter what the top is you know that a nude strapless will show you the most optimal look with any dress or top you try on. The color nude goes under black AND under white. So, if you don't have a nude strapless at least wear a nude bra with slim straps.

4. A solid camisole or Tank top - Wear a camisole or tank top. There are so many things that require a camisole underneath them, so you may as well be prepared. Plus, when you're trying on different bottoms, you'll have something that matches them on top to give you the full picture.

5. Cardigan - It's something that you can take off in a snap and it'll keep you warm when wearing that tank top. Plus, if you get too warm you can wrap it around your waist.

6. Body-cross bag - Using a purse that can go across your body will enable both of your hands to be free. Thus, you'll be able to better sort through those bargain bins AND you won't set your purse down and forget it.

NOTE: You also want to avoid wearing your hair up and bright lipstick. Your hair is bound to get messed up when trying things on, so just leave it down. Bright lipstick can definitely ruin clothes. Just go with gloss and a darker eye if you feel naked without color on your face. I would probably avoid jewelry too. Sometimes snags happen.

Now this outfit may not be the most fashion forward cutest outfit ever created. DUH! But this is going to make your shopping trip incredibly efficient, and it's comfortable while being cute.

Playing Dress Up W/ Blazers

img-thingSo, I think I'm obsessed with blazers. They are a simple staple in your wardrobe because they can be worn any time of year, you can find them in any color, they can be very slimming and yet very professional. I created a couple of different looks with two different types of blazers. Check it out...

Gap Premium Denim

premium denimYou may have seen loads of advertisements lately for Gap Premium Denim. Let me tell ya, it's definitely all it's cracked up to be. I always buy Gap jeans, but I'm really liking these cuts of denim. I bought some premium skinny jeans a couple weeks ago and I love them. held a contest for Gap called, "Born to..." I created a look that described what I'm born to do. I said that I'm born to learn because that's exactly what I love doing every day. I love learning about God, fashion, people, music, name it. It might be cheesy, but it's true. I used items that reminded me of college. Simple and comfortable.