Summer to Fall Transition - Blazers

Tomorrow I leave for San Francisco, and I couldn't be more excited MAINLY because I'll get to escape the 100 degree weather in Arizona. Packing for this trip was a delight because I got to pull out my blazers! YAY! As I started to put my outfits together, I realized how essential blazers are to my wardrobe in helping me transition from warm weather to cool. Think about it, you can wear them with shorts, sundresses, jeans, skirts and pants, and they magically pump your outfit up a notch. If you don't own a classic black, navy or gray blazer, put it on the list for your wardrobe this year. Seriously, it will be worth the investment. If you already have the basics, add a plaid blazer or a bright cherry or teal one.

Check out some inspiration below and get shopping!

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Menswear Wednesday: What Fall?

So it’s technically fall, as of the 22nd.  But if you’re looking outside, you’d never know it.  It’s still warm, and whether you’re in Phoenix or Houston (I’m assuming a bit about the readership of this blog at the moment), the last thing you’re thinking about is breaking out that parka.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like it is fall. Wool tie by Alexander Olch

Call me a traditionalist, but I’m into the idea of seasonal dressing.   Particularly when the spring rolls around and I’m able to bring out the lightweight fabrics and the white shoes again, it’s like the first day back at school, seeing old friends again.  Particularly when you live in a climate where the seasons are replaced with simply “cold days”, hot days, and hotter days, it’s a nice little reminder of the ebb and flow of the year.

The typical demarcation between the seasons are Easter and Labor Day; between those days, if it’s lightweight or brightly colored, it works.  The intervening season becomes more muted; earth tones and grays rule the day, and heavier fabrics like wool and flannel gain the upper hand.

And there we are again: verge-of-October or not, it’s still a bit too hot for tweed, and it likely will be until this time next month.   So what’s a guy to do? A trio of quick suggestions, after an overly long introduction:

  1. Cotton sweaters.  Up north, sweater season is already in full swing.  A fitted v-neck sweater in a lightweight pima cotton or cotton-cashmere blend (or even a linen-cotton blend leftover from the summer stock at places like J. Crew) is a perfect layering piece.  Put it on over a button up shirt with jeans, and you’ll look all snuggly without sweating like a pig.  Lightweight cardigans work here, too.
  2. Corduroy.  When you really get down to it, cord pants aren’t really any hotter to wear than dark denim.  So grab a pair of cords in a casual, jean-like five pocket style, and wear them in place of jeans to the office or a night out.  A good corduroy blazer is another good look that isn’t too heavy.
  3. Wool ties.  This one is almost a no-brainer.  It’s obviously not going to add weight to your outfit, but it is going to add some  fuzzy charm to your get-up.  Fortunately, most of the wool ties you’ll find these days are a little more slim, so they won’t look like you actually are wearing a sweater.

Do yourself a favor, and embrace the season, even if “football weather” means it dipped below 80 degrees.

J. Lindeberg

I guess I'm on a menswear kick because here's another post about a clothing company that you lads should check out. J. Lindeberg has outfitted golfers and skiers for years and offers classic American sportswear. From t-shirts to blazers, J. Lindeberg showcases a sophisticated style with a sporty edge. Click the title to see more looks.

Playing Dress Up W/ Blazers

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