Clothes Speak First


Saying "hello" to someone is usually how we start our conversations. Although, my toddler prefers to yell "Mama" when she has something to say. But, in all actuality, our clothes usually get the first "word" in. So, I love the idea of wearing a tee that simply says, "Hello," like this one from Frances Vintage. In my head it seems like it would start any conversation off on the right foot and give the appearance that you're a welcoming person.

This tee can be found at Frances Vintage and is locally made by Hello Apparel. I love the floral pattern on the letters. If you're a print minimalist, this is the perfect way to incorporate the spring floral trend. Not to mention, the shirt is 100% cotton, which means I can throw it in the washing machine and it's incredibly comfortable.


I styled the t-shirt with a pleated maxi skirt and glitter belt to add a feminine flair. However, there's nothing more classic than jeans and a t-shirt.

Photo by Kym Ventola.


T-shirts & Skirts

In past seasons we have seen a trend of juxtaposing "hard and soft" by pairing leather with lace, studs with chiffon and so forth. Well, the trend of unusal pairings continues with casual t-shirts and refined skirts. Here are some examples...

I really like this trend and I hope it continues to carry through the seasons. I love the idea of t-shirts with silk pants, refined shorts and under suits.

What do you think?

Photos: Because I'm Addicted, Because I'm Addicted, Chloe Rose Boutiques, Brooklyn Blonde

J. Lindeberg

I guess I'm on a menswear kick because here's another post about a clothing company that you lads should check out. J. Lindeberg has outfitted golfers and skiers for years and offers classic American sportswear. From t-shirts to blazers, J. Lindeberg showcases a sophisticated style with a sporty edge. Click the title to see more looks.

Please Don't....Nipple Tassel T-Shirts

kidstasseltee81709slwI can't believe this is out on the market for TODDLERS! Designer, Suzi Warren, has created a nipple tassel t-shirt for infant and toddler girls. She created this outrageous design in response to the tiny tots running around that are dressed like Britney Spears. I'm sorry, but a nipple tassel t-shirt isn't the best response to combat inappropriately dressed toddlers. Thoughts?