Back to school is an exciting time for parents and kids. Shopping for school supplies, picking out some new fall clothes, making new friends, and welcoming another year of learning, fun, and growth. However, with all of these exciting changes, it can make morning routines much more complicated. Every parent knows the stresses that occur Monday-Friday in the wee hours of the morning before school, trying to get the kiddos (and yourself) ready for the day ahead. In my experiences as a mom (and remembering back to my own youth) one of the biggest time sucks in the morning can be picking out outfits for the kids. 

This year, I've decided to test out a capsule wardrobe collections for kids to simplify the process of getting ready for all parties involved. The key is pairing down your children's wardrobe to a smaller, more manageable collection of items that they truly love, while still having all of the essentials for whatever weather or activities come your way. Around thirty-forty clothing items is ideal for a true capsule wardrobe, but any consolidation you can do will make your life much easier this back to school season. Take a peek at the capsule collections below for some inspiration, and feel free to shop the looks straight from this page! 

Reveal: Master Closet Makeover


This post is sponsored by Easy Closets. After opening 25 boxes, installing new carpet, painting, installing a new light fixture and six evenings spent putting the pieces together...We finally have a new master closet!!!


We tried to keep that space as light as possible since there's no natural light coming through, so we chose white shelves, white walls and light carpet. We also bought all new matching hangers from Ikea, which helps the appearance a great deal.

I organized the closet by garment type and then by color. It's a lot easier to find what I'm looking for now. We added a tufted bench from Target, and a new light from Ikea to give the space more design interest.


The installation process of our Easy Closets was definitely time consuming, but once all of the boxes were unpacked and the support railings were hung it wasn't too long until we had it finished. Measuring and getting everything level is the hardest part, but Easy Closets made that simple by just making sure you install the support rail correctly.


You definitely should have some strong hands around. I wouldn't recommend a woman doing this all by herself. Even with working out I couldn't lift some of the heaviest boxes without hurting myself. Check out my previous posts to see the beginning and middle of this process.

Thanks Easy Closets for giving this stylist a beautiful new closet. Now it's time for February's monthly makeover! Stay tuned to see what it is...

Summer Lovin'

Summer is in full swing! In Arizona that's not something we really celebrate because it means 100 degree weather is a regular occurrence, BUT it also means new fashion trends and wardrobe additions to my closet. =) There are three main summer trends that I'm implementing in my wardrobe, and I think you guys might love them too...

1. DRESSY SHORTS - I love shorts! They are comfortable, easy to wear and they show off your legs. I especially like to wear them with blazers and cardigans. If your outfit looks this cute with a blazer or cardi, it's worth battling the sweat. You can find great shorts at Urban Outfitters, H&M and Ann Taylor Loft.


2. BOLD COLOR - Last winter I wrote about how much I love my bright red pants. Well, now I want skirts and pants in  every color of the rainbow. Don't you?! You can find this green skirt at Zara or splurge on these yellow pants at Tory Burch.


3. FLIRTY SKIRTS & DRESSES - Light and flirty skirts come back every year, and I never tire of them. They're feminine, cool and comfortable. Anthropologie has the best selection!

Playing Dress Up W/ Blazers

img-thingSo, I think I'm obsessed with blazers. They are a simple staple in your wardrobe because they can be worn any time of year, you can find them in any color, they can be very slimming and yet very professional. I created a couple of different looks with two different types of blazers. Check it out...