The meaning of "work chic" has definitely evolved over the years for me because I no longer work in a traditional office environment. Getting dressed for work doesn't look any different than getting dressed for any other day. However, when I'm giving a presentation, going on television or going to event (all work related) I need look, at the very least, business casual. A blazer, button down shirt, skinny jeans and flats is my go-to uniform. It's figure flattering and sophisticated. But, I always want my outfit to be memorable, so this jade colored blazer by Two Penny Blue is exactly what I needed.


I mean, how many people own a jade green blazer? Exactly! Though classic in it's shape down to the gold buttons and refined in it's construction with impeccable seams and good quality wool, it oozes style that goes beyond the traditional office jacket. And you want to know the BEST part about my blazer? With every blazer purchased a school uniform is donated to a girl in Africa.


This blazer gives a girl the opportunity to get an education. You might think a uniform isn't that big of a deal, but kids can't even attend school without one. I love that my "uniform" gives another girl self-esteem and a future. Be sure to check out Two Penny Blue if you're in the market to pump of the volume of your work wardrobe.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer

Graphic Tank 3 Ways


I made a new purchase last week from one of my favorite stores, Frances Vintage, and it has easily become my favorite thing in my closet. This graphic tank is so comfortable and made by a local artist. It was only $30.00! It has a picture of a skeleton the designer found in the desert and the geographic coordinates of where it was located. Cool, right? I love that by wearing it I'm supporting a local boutique, artist and Arizona. Sometimes these "edgier" pieces can be intimidating if you tend to be a bit more classic and feminine, so I thought I would show you how I style it three different ways.


#1 Geek Chic - A classic blazer and jeans never goes out of style. Add this tank and some sandals to dress it down or put on pumps and jewelry to dress it up.


#2 Femme - Wear a classic pencil skirt with it. You can tuck it in or untuck it and add a belt to define your waist. I wore my preppy oxfords from GAP, but wedges would look cute with it too. If you don't want to show off your body as much, choose a maxi skirt for comfort.


#3 Indie - Overalls are a trend right now that I was a bit reluctant towards, but I really like them now. These overalls are by Free People and can be found at Frances as well.

Photos by Liz E Studio.

Tank and overalls from Frances Vintage.

Summer Lovin'

Summer is in full swing! In Arizona that's not something we really celebrate because it means 100 degree weather is a regular occurrence, BUT it also means new fashion trends and wardrobe additions to my closet. =) There are three main summer trends that I'm implementing in my wardrobe, and I think you guys might love them too...

1. DRESSY SHORTS - I love shorts! They are comfortable, easy to wear and they show off your legs. I especially like to wear them with blazers and cardigans. If your outfit looks this cute with a blazer or cardi, it's worth battling the sweat. You can find great shorts at Urban Outfitters, H&M and Ann Taylor Loft.


2. BOLD COLOR - Last winter I wrote about how much I love my bright red pants. Well, now I want skirts and pants in  every color of the rainbow. Don't you?! You can find this green skirt at Zara or splurge on these yellow pants at Tory Burch.


3. FLIRTY SKIRTS & DRESSES - Light and flirty skirts come back every year, and I never tire of them. They're feminine, cool and comfortable. Anthropologie has the best selection!