The meaning of "work chic" has definitely evolved over the years for me because I no longer work in a traditional office environment. Getting dressed for work doesn't look any different than getting dressed for any other day. However, when I'm giving a presentation, going on television or going to event (all work related) I need look, at the very least, business casual. A blazer, button down shirt, skinny jeans and flats is my go-to uniform. It's figure flattering and sophisticated. But, I always want my outfit to be memorable, so this jade colored blazer by Two Penny Blue is exactly what I needed.


I mean, how many people own a jade green blazer? Exactly! Though classic in it's shape down to the gold buttons and refined in it's construction with impeccable seams and good quality wool, it oozes style that goes beyond the traditional office jacket. And you want to know the BEST part about my blazer? With every blazer purchased a school uniform is donated to a girl in Africa.


This blazer gives a girl the opportunity to get an education. You might think a uniform isn't that big of a deal, but kids can't even attend school without one. I love that my "uniform" gives another girl self-esteem and a future. Be sure to check out Two Penny Blue if you're in the market to pump of the volume of your work wardrobe.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer

My Go-To Outfit


*This article is in partnership with Ebay and Alixandra Collections*

This outfit is my go-to standard - blazer, t-shirt, jeans and a necklace. You can't go wrong with this combination. No woman can! You can express your personality with pattern, color, accessories and adjust the silhouette of the jacket to accommodate your shape. The pattern that I added into the mix is stripes.

Alex_sept 29th-10web
Alex_sept 29th-10web

I don't think I'll ever get sick of stripes. It's the one print that I have a lot of in my closet, and I love how it breaks up the monotony of wearing solid colors. The stripes on this Lulu*s blazer (currently sold out) are especially great because they aren't too bold. The soft gray and white color mute the pattern keeping this jacket appropriate for a casual Friday at the office. (If you could use more tips on how to wear stripes well, check out this article I wrote for Ebay).

Boyfriend blazers work well for me because I'm very tall and lanky. I have long legs, and the length of this jacket gives the appearance of a longer torso. The shoulder pads also give me a wider frame, which helps me avoid looking like a string bean all of the time. If you wanted to disguise your hips this would also be a great shape to wear.

If there weren't enough reasons already for me to love this jacket, it's machine washable! Because it's cotton and unstructured, I don't have to worry about dry cleaning it. Wahoo!

Alex_sept 29th-11web
Alex_sept 29th-11web

I've mentioned before that I'm not much of an accessory person. I'll maybe wear one piece a jewelry a day, but sometimes I don't wear anything at all. This Gauge bubble letter necklace is a new favorite of mine that I haven't taken off since I got it from Alixandra Collections. I chose an 'E' for my last name and for Elle. It would be the perfect gift for a friend!

Photography by Michelle Herrick