I Still Wear Pigtails


I mentioned last week that a button down shirt and jeans is my stylish go-to outfit, and here's another piece of proof that it really is. But this time I added one of my favorite cardigans and pigtails. What can I say? I'm a preppy little girl at heart. Haha. 3-2-145

I find it so funny that I put my hair in pigtails more than I do Elle's. It's such an easy hairstyle when I'm on the go that I don't even care if I have something in common with a one year old.


Get the look: Black skinny jeans (ZARA); Chambray shirt (GAP); Cardigan (Target).

Summer Lovin'

Summer is in full swing! In Arizona that's not something we really celebrate because it means 100 degree weather is a regular occurrence, BUT it also means new fashion trends and wardrobe additions to my closet. =) There are three main summer trends that I'm implementing in my wardrobe, and I think you guys might love them too...

1. DRESSY SHORTS - I love shorts! They are comfortable, easy to wear and they show off your legs. I especially like to wear them with blazers and cardigans. If your outfit looks this cute with a blazer or cardi, it's worth battling the sweat. You can find great shorts at Urban Outfitters, H&M and Ann Taylor Loft.


2. BOLD COLOR - Last winter I wrote about how much I love my bright red pants. Well, now I want skirts and pants in  every color of the rainbow. Don't you?! You can find this green skirt at Zara or splurge on these yellow pants at Tory Burch.


3. FLIRTY SKIRTS & DRESSES - Light and flirty skirts come back every year, and I never tire of them. They're feminine, cool and comfortable. Anthropologie has the best selection!

Menswear Monday: Corduroy & the "Man" Cardigan

There are two key winter menswear trends that I saw this year: corduroy pants and, what I like to call, "The Man Cardigan."

Now, I think there are lot of guys that have embraced these trends, but then there are some of you that think you would either look too feminine, too fat or too much like Mr.Rogers in a cardigan. As for corduroy, I think most men simply forget about the comfortable alternative to jeans because the material is only worn in the winter.

Here are some tips and examples on how to pull off both...

Believe it or not, this is a cardigan. What's great about this piece is that it appears more masculine because of the double-breasted pockets, the high collar and the chunky knit. I think this is a perfect example of a cardigan that all body types can wear.

This piece is called a shawl cardigan because of the neckline. There is a more feminine aspect to the collar, but when paired with a plaid button down shirt and a pair of jeans it still looks masculine.

On to corduroy, what a great alternative to jeans?! You can still look professional and wear corduroy pants to the office or play it casual for the weekends. Corduroy is a fabric that can fade quickly, so just make sure to turn your pants inside out before washing. This fabric can shrink and get a bit stiff, so I would lay your pants flat to dry and throw them in the dryer to soften them up after they are no longer damp.

Some things to avoid when buying corduroy pants...no pleats, no faded fabric, no faded lines. Keep it clean, bold and simple. J.Crew and GAP are great places to find these pants.