Nude Pumps

Last week I had a personal styling session with a client, and she asked me to help her find ways to wear these brown shoes that she had never really worn. Of course I helped her with her request, but I also spotted that she was missing THE most important color in a shoe collection - nude.

Nude, flesh-tone, beige, tan, caramel...Whatever color your skin is you should have a shoe that is a close match. Why?

1.  Your skin color goes with everything! Yep, even more than the classic color black that we all tend to hide behind. Most women have more than one pair of black shoes and have never owned a pair of nude. They're missing out because you can always wear flesh tone shoes and not think twice about whether it matches your outfit - EASY dressing!

2. They give the illusion that your legs are longer, which means you appear taller and thinner. Um, who wouldn't say yes to that?! Celebrities definitely know this trick, and there is no reason why you can't cash in on it too.

So, if you know that your closet is missing this magic, here are some shoes you can check out...

INC Mindy Pumps - $79.00

Steve Madden GLAAMM Pumps - $89.95

Charles by Charles David Pompadour Camel Pumps - $79.90

And for flat lovers like me, check out these TopShop Micah Flats for $60.00.

Celebrity images via The Vogue Diaries