Oscar Looks

reader_bestactress_winsletkI definitely remember standing in front of the mirror giving an awards speech when I was younger. I think I did it a couple of times, actually. Once for best actress and the other for best costume designer. haha! Has anyone else done that out there? Anyway, the women looked amazing last night! Who were your favorites? Here were mine... Angelina Jolie - I love the simplicity of her Ellie Saab dress and green accents. I'm glad that she stayed true to her style, which most call boring. This is exquisite to me and though it is predictable because we no her style, it never fails!










Anne Hathaway - Man, she just blew me away last night. There was so much joy exuding from her on top of wearing an amazing Armani Prive dress! Some are saying she's too pale to wear that color, but I just think she looks and feels comfortable and beautiful which says so much!










Sarah Jessica Parker - I loved this Dior dress even though is was a bit too small for her and hair and makeup were a no go. The belt and bodice just make the dress. I couldn't tell, but apparently this dress is a pale green. Go figure...










What are your thoughts? Who were you disappointed in? I was disappointed in the Versace dress that Marissa Tomei wore. Thought the detail was insane, you could see loads of puckering on the coreset. I didn't love Natalie Portman's dress very much. Kate Winslet and Amy Adams could have done better. Click to see images from last night.