Outlast Lipstain

cover-girl-outlast-lipstainsI just got back from a wonderful visit in Idaho with my family. One of the many perks of spending time with mom, aside from getting quality time and hugs, is rummaging around in her closet and drawers. She has such great taste in clothes, shoes and bags! I'll be sharing throughout the week some great hand-me-downs, but first I wanted to share with you a beauty product that I tried of hers - Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain. Click to keep reading... It's FANtastic! If you are someone that hates the look of lipstick or intense pigment stains like Revlon's ColorStay Overtime Lipcolor, then you should try this product. It gives your lips a natural glow that lasts about four or five hours. Just put some clear gloss on over it or use it as a base to your lipstick so that when the lipstick comes off you still have some color to your pucker.

It works just like a marker, so it's easy to apply for those that are a bit uneasy about makeup. Just color in your lips and stay inside the lines.  :)

The color that I enjoy is called Wild Berry Wink, which gives me a raspberry stain. It even tastes like berry too! I'm sure if you wanted to try the red lip trend with this product your boyfriend or husband would actually like it this time around. Most guys say they don't like red lipstick because lips appear "unkissable." Well, here's a great solution!

You can find this product at any drugstore.