Part 2 - Melissa Jill's Photo Reveal

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I got to style Melissa Jill with an Anthropolgie feel for a photo shoot with Promise Tangeman.

We went with three looks to give MJ a range to work with for her promotional materials - very casual, casual feminine and sophisticated dressy.

All of the clothes were MJ's, and I just added three of my scarves for the t-shirt and jeans looks.

Tina Burnham, whom I have worked with on Marie Antoinette and Lindsay Garver's shoot, did the hair and makeup and executed the inspiration to perfection!!! Tina is also a photographer with Live. Love. Photography, and I think it's such an asset to have the knowledge of the camera when you're styling hair and makeup.

Biggest tip for those of you getting family portraits done - WEAR FALSE EYE LASHES! If you can, also take the time to spend the money on getting your hair and makeup done.

Of course, I would also like to think that having someone style your clothes would also be worth the time and money too. ;)