Storybook Photo Session


Nowadays it seems that every family gets new pictures taken for their Christmas cards, but sometimes it all seems like such a rush during the BUSIEST season. My friend and VERY talented photographer, Rennai Hoefer of Ten 22 Studio, came up with a GENIUS idea...Do family photo shoots centered around the theme of a favorite bedtime book for your family! storybook-inspired-photo-session-©ten22-studio-36-of-36

It's such a creative idea, and a great way to personalize your photo session so that you don't always have the same family photo every year. She asked me to be her first client for this new concept, and it didn't take but a second to tell her that Elle's favorite book was I had a Favorite Dress by Boni Ashburn.


It's about a girl who had this very favorite dress, but as she grew her mom had to alter it from a dress to a top to a skirt to a hair bow to simply a picture because of her size or because her dog chewed it up.

storybook-inspired-photo-session-©ten22-studio-15-of-36 storybook-inspired-photo-session-©ten22-studio-12-of-36

To see the full story unfold, visit Rennai's blog. Elle and I had so much fun modeling, but I sadly can't sew. I have a sewing machine, but I don't know the first thing about using it. haha. I had my friend Meghan Green from A Purposed Life create different variations of the dress using a $4.99 dress from Walmart.


First of all she took this plane Jane dress up a notch by adding tule and flutter sleeves, and then she did an amazing job taking it apart into the different stages.


Acting out a book makes you think outside the box to achieve such a specific idea, and it really made my time with Elle special when it all came together. I especially treasure these photos of us because they not only show our love for each other, but they capture us spending time together in a way we often do: reading books, playing dress up, eating snacks and watching her play outside.


To book a session visit, Rennai's website.

Photos by Rennai Hoefer, Ten 22 Studio Fashion design by Meghan Green, A Purposed Life Modeling by Elle Evjen and Alex Evjen

A Film from The Motion Workshop


This face! Isn't Madeleine Alexandra gorgeous?! She is a fashion blogger with insane style and taste. She also is a dancer and moves and models like a pro. Ale Vidal of Imaginale Design hired to me to create beautiful vignettes for her workshop attendees to capture in motion. There is so much to share! I will be sharing the art direction and styling process tomorrow, but I wanted to just focus on this moment - this film that Ale made.

There was a whole team behind this vignette, but yet it seems so simple. One dress, some flowers, great hair and makeup...The planning for this simple moment started several months ago. Ale wanted a high-fashion bride that embodied a sensual and haunting quality. It might be a weird request, but that girl knows what works for the camera.

I'm so happy I get to work with such talented people. Enjoy the film and come back tomorrow to see how I translated her vision for not only this shoot, but three other ones in ONE DAY!

Madeleine Alexandra at The Motion Workshop from Ale Vidal - Imaginale on Vimeo.

The Motion Workshop - An event put on by cinematographer Alejandra Vidal to teach photographers and artists about direction in video, storyboarding, product creation, and the art of human connection through motion:

Film by Ale Vidal //

Styling and Art Direction by AVE Styles //

Dress by: Fame and Partners // Model: Madeleine Alexandra // Make-up: SN Makeup // Hair: Miriam Kenly // Florals: Hilary Lamb // Assistant: Mary Claire //

A Desert Beauty

Andria Lindquist is a photographer that I have admired for a long time. I found out about her work through Promise and Lonnie Webb - two people I also adore. About a year ago, we connected online and talked about working together. So, it was a great surprise to me when she finally was headed to Phoenix this past spring.

Of course, we set up a project for both of us to have some fun with. The desert has been an inspiration to us both, so much so that I created a Pinterest board devoted to desert style. Check it out, click here.

We, basically just walked into the desert and started shooting. It was a blast!

I found clothes that embodied everything I think of when it comes to Arizona - unique jewelry, bright colors, Native American prints, etc.

The team was fantastic, and our model, Gabrielle from FORD RBA, was genius! I loved working with everyone!

To see more photos from this shoot, click here and visit Andria's blog.

Hair Stylist: Amber Hasson Makeup Artist: Azure Schaffer
Fashion Styling: Alexandra Evjen, AVE STYLES Model: Gabrielle Helms Photography: Andria Lindquist

Styling for Breast Cancer Awareness

Last October I got to be a part of a beauty photo shoot for ELIZA Magazine that featured makeup products that give back to breast cancer research with each purchase.

I was really excited to be  a part of this shoot because my Nana was a breast cancer survivor. And can I just say that I HATE cancer. That is one thing that I'm totally okay with saying that I HATE! So, anything that we can do to get rid it is worth while in my book.

So, even though this looks like it could be a Valentine's Day shoot, all of the pink is in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Be sure to check out the latest issue of ELIZA, click here.



Photographer: Tracy Rasinski Makeup: Heather Wilson Hair: Annabelle Jones Stylist: Alexandra Evjen Models: Kyle and Briana from Agency AZ; Morgan and Rachael from FORD RBA

My other life - Promise Tangeman Creative

I live a double life. I'm a stylist AND a project manager for Promise Tangeman Creative (PTC). I love both of my jobs because they equally serve creative industries, but play to my different skill sets.

Promise is a dear friend of mine, and a HUGE supporter of AVE Styles. She not only created my beautiful branding two years ago, but she has been one of the biggest cheerleaders since the start of my business.

This past weekend PTC got together with one of our lovely designers, Liz from Liz Designs Things, who lives out in California. We just had a girlie, nerdy, creative weekend. Coincidentally, Alyssa Yuhas from WeLikeWeLove (one of my favorite online magazines and graphic designer in her own right) happened to be visiting the beautiful desert from Canada. We were able to grab a cup of Joe with her and talk shop. Can I just say how COOL it is to connect with people in person that you've only known online!?

Of course, we HAD to throw in a fun photo shoot to document the trip. We used Prom's rad chalkboard wall in her home and stayed up until 12:00A.M. taking photos.

What I'm wearing: Long-sleeved lace t-shirt, Forever 21; Maroon knit jumper, Free People; denim jacket, J.Crew.

You can see even more on Promise's blog, and I hope you enjoyed the evidence of our creative weekend adventure.

PS - I've busted out my J.Crew 8 year old denim jacket, and I'm lovin' it!