My other life - Promise Tangeman Creative

I live a double life. I'm a stylist AND a project manager for Promise Tangeman Creative (PTC). I love both of my jobs because they equally serve creative industries, but play to my different skill sets.

Promise is a dear friend of mine, and a HUGE supporter of AVE Styles. She not only created my beautiful branding two years ago, but she has been one of the biggest cheerleaders since the start of my business.

This past weekend PTC got together with one of our lovely designers, Liz from Liz Designs Things, who lives out in California. We just had a girlie, nerdy, creative weekend. Coincidentally, Alyssa Yuhas from WeLikeWeLove (one of my favorite online magazines and graphic designer in her own right) happened to be visiting the beautiful desert from Canada. We were able to grab a cup of Joe with her and talk shop. Can I just say how COOL it is to connect with people in person that you've only known online!?

Of course, we HAD to throw in a fun photo shoot to document the trip. We used Prom's rad chalkboard wall in her home and stayed up until 12:00A.M. taking photos.

What I'm wearing: Long-sleeved lace t-shirt, Forever 21; Maroon knit jumper, Free People; denim jacket, J.Crew.

You can see even more on Promise's blog, and I hope you enjoyed the evidence of our creative weekend adventure.

PS - I've busted out my J.Crew 8 year old denim jacket, and I'm lovin' it!

Good Online Reads

Getting a magazine in the mail will always be a special thing for me, but I've also been enjoying a lot of online mags these days. I just get reminded that there are SOOOO many creatives in this world, and there is plenty of room for everyone to create. There's also a need for more magazines because all of this talent has to be communicated some how, right? Here are some of my favorites these days...AND they're FREE to read!!!

RUE - I love the combination of decor and fashion inspiration. It's very applicable to every day life, which can be very refreshing in the fashion world.

WE LIKE WE LOVE - A great magazine to see the up and comers in the photography, styling and fashion industry.

MATCHBOOK - This mag has a preppy flair, so it's like it's made just for me.

ATOMICA - This magazine is for the artist in me. The photography and styling that is featured in this magazine is gorgeous!

DUJOUR - Fashion, fashion, fashion! What else can I say?

ANTHOLOGY - Amazing home decor inspiration!!!

BETTY  - It's inspiration for the indie wannabe in me.

empowering read.

LONNY - More awesome home inspiration...Obviously, I can't get enough these days!