Good Online Reads

Getting a magazine in the mail will always be a special thing for me, but I've also been enjoying a lot of online mags these days. I just get reminded that there are SOOOO many creatives in this world, and there is plenty of room for everyone to create. There's also a need for more magazines because all of this talent has to be communicated some how, right? Here are some of my favorites these days...AND they're FREE to read!!!

RUE - I love the combination of decor and fashion inspiration. It's very applicable to every day life, which can be very refreshing in the fashion world.

WE LIKE WE LOVE - A great magazine to see the up and comers in the photography, styling and fashion industry.

MATCHBOOK - This mag has a preppy flair, so it's like it's made just for me.

ATOMICA - This magazine is for the artist in me. The photography and styling that is featured in this magazine is gorgeous!

DUJOUR - Fashion, fashion, fashion! What else can I say?

ANTHOLOGY - Amazing home decor inspiration!!!

BETTY  - It's inspiration for the indie wannabe in me.

empowering read.

LONNY - More awesome home inspiration...Obviously, I can't get enough these days!