A Desert Beauty

Andria Lindquist is a photographer that I have admired for a long time. I found out about her work through Promise and Lonnie Webb - two people I also adore. About a year ago, we connected online and talked about working together. So, it was a great surprise to me when she finally was headed to Phoenix this past spring.

Of course, we set up a project for both of us to have some fun with. The desert has been an inspiration to us both, so much so that I created a Pinterest board devoted to desert style. Check it out, click here.

We, basically just walked into the desert and started shooting. It was a blast!

I found clothes that embodied everything I think of when it comes to Arizona - unique jewelry, bright colors, Native American prints, etc.

The team was fantastic, and our model, Gabrielle from FORD RBA, was genius! I loved working with everyone!

To see more photos from this shoot, click here and visit Andria's blog.

Hair Stylist: Amber Hasson Makeup Artist: Azure Schaffer
Fashion Styling: Alexandra Evjen, AVE STYLES Model: Gabrielle Helms Photography: Andria Lindquist