Perfect Makeup for Valentine's Day

Memebox-19 webblog
Memebox-19 webblog

I remember it wasn't until I was 19 year's old that I finally had a Valentine. I never had a boyfriend in high school, so it was really special when Ryan, my husband, was my first Valentine. I will never forget that date. It was our second one and first official date because long story short our first date was a bust when Ryan's car got stolen. No joke! haha. (I'll be sure to tell you that story later).

I still have the J.Crew red skirt that I wore on our first official date, and I remember how embarrassed I was when he opened the front door wearing a red shirt and black pants, almost my exact outfit except flipped. We looked like a walking checkerboard. When we got to the restaurant we sat down only to find his sister and her husband just a table away. It was still romantic nonetheless.

Memebox-27 webblog
Memebox-27 webblog
Memebox-61 webblog
Memebox-61 webblog

Do you remember your first Valentine? Do you remember getting dressed up for that special someone? Well, I hope you have a Valentine this year, and if you do I really hope you get to go out since it's on a Saturday night. Here's a gorgeous makeup look created by Stephanie Neiheisel of SN Makeup Artist using Memebox's "I'm Lipstick #5" in pink fuchsia and then adding "I'm Lip Crayon #4" in Juliet on top. For a total of $14 you could have Valentine's Day ready lips and get many more uses after that. Use code AVE10 for a 10% discount of any lip product purchase.


Pair this makeup with a classic LBD and loose curls and you've got yourself a show stopping Valentine's Day outfit! Have fun!

Makeup by Stephanie Neiheisel, Photography by Michelle Herrick, Styling by A.V.E. Styles; Florals by Hoot and Holler and makeup products from Memebox.

Styling for Breast Cancer Awareness

Last October I got to be a part of a beauty photo shoot for ELIZA Magazine that featured makeup products that give back to breast cancer research with each purchase.

I was really excited to be  a part of this shoot because my Nana was a breast cancer survivor. And can I just say that I HATE cancer. That is one thing that I'm totally okay with saying that I HATE! So, anything that we can do to get rid it is worth while in my book.

So, even though this looks like it could be a Valentine's Day shoot, all of the pink is in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Be sure to check out the latest issue of ELIZA, click here.



Photographer: Tracy Rasinski Makeup: Heather Wilson Hair: Annabelle Jones Stylist: Alexandra Evjen Models: Kyle and Briana from Agency AZ; Morgan and Rachael from FORD RBA

Pink Preview

Here's a preview of a photo shoot that I got to contribute to for ELIZA Magazine.

This shoot was all about pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You'll probably catch more sneak peeks along the way if you follow Eliza's blog or follow Executive Editor, Summer Bellessa on Instagram!

Photographed by Tracy Rasinski, Makeup by Heather Wilson, Styling by Alexandra Evjen, Hair by Annabelle Jones, Model Briana with Agency AZ, Scarf H&M, Makeup Sephora Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, Glasses Cinzia Designs

Menswear Monday: Pink & Purple

Since we were first born it has been ingrained in us that pink and purple are for girls and blue and green are for boys. Well, I know plenty of girls that enjoy wearing blue and green, and I have never run into a guy that has an issue with it. However, it seems that plenty of guys and even some of the ladies out there still are a little iffy about guys wearing pink and purple.

People, seriously?! I love pink and purple on men. Who knows...It could be YOUR color. Here are some examples of men rockin' the colors. Next time you are in a store, please try it. If you still are unsure of how you look in the color ask a sales person for their unbiased opinion.

Please Don't...Overalls and high-waist, pleated pants

denimI remember the days when overalls and mid-drift shirts were really popular. I remember wearing pink pleated, corduroy, high-waist, tapered pants (good-NESS)...I never thought these styles would come back again because no human being's figure is flattered by these styles. I thought the whole point of one's fashion is to compliment personality and body type, no? Even the super models of the world look horrible in these styles!