Bold Color Inspired by HP


This post is sponsored by HSN & HP.

As a fashion stylist I, of course, enjoy and celebrate bold color and style. When I think about what I am drawn to on Pinterest, what I share on Instagram and what I wear on a daily basis it always is colorful and bright. Well, HP has teamed up with HSN to release an exclusive collection of HP Pavilion laptops in the prettiest colors, and to celebrate the launch of this new collection they challenged me to create a fashionable outfit inspired by their deep purple laptop.

The Henry071web
The Henry071web

I gladly accepted because this royal purple hue is not only great for summer, but an excellent transitional color for fall. This color is really easy to spot in stores right now. Even when it comes to maternity fashion, I was able to find two maternity dresses with this hue at Macy's.

The Henry036web
The Henry036web

Any color with blue undertones has a great chance of being compatible on the majority of skin tones. Why? Well, because every human's blood carries tones of blue in it, and thus every human can usually wear deep blues (navy, cobalt blue and royal blue) and have it be complementary. Cool, right?!

The Henry079web
The Henry079web

Okay, can we talk about the laptop for a second?! I just got a new desktop computer because my old laptop is from 2010, but because I still travel a lot I still need the convenience of a laptop. The Pavilion is a fashionable and functional choice for me. It has 1 terabyte of space, and I need a lot of space for all of my photos. It also has a touchscreen so I can easily use it on a plane and not really need a mouse. Here are some other cool factors:

• HP 17.3” Touchscreen Intel Quad-Core 8GB Ram, 1TB Hard drive

• Bang & Olufsen audio built-in

• Windows 10 Operating system

• Available in 5 Colors – Silver, White, Blue, Red, Purple

• $699.95 with Free Shipping and Handling

You also get lifetime tech support provided by HSN, but you can only get this amazing laptop by tuning into HSN on July 18th! You'll also see some familiar faces on HSN because Brooke and Summer from The Girls with Glasses will be hosting the event along with some other amazing bloggers. It should be a really entertaining time regardless of whether you're in the market for a new computer or not. Find out all about it, click here.

The Henry033web
The Henry033web

Photos by Gina Meola.


blog shoot 1-74web
blog shoot 1-74web

Everyone has a color that they don't like. For me it has always been purple. I don't know what it is, but I have never warmed up to the color. Magenta is about the closest I can get to the color. What is really interesting is that I'm not alone in my dislike for purple. I often find that people either are obsessed with the color to a crazy degree or they really don't like it either.

Well, up until a couple weeks ago I didn't own anything purple. The closest thing I had was a Marc Jacobs midi skirt with purple feathers on it. LE TOTE sent me this sheer purple floral shirt, something I would never have picked for myself, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

Well, it turns out purple is growing on me. It still may not be the first color I reach for, but I sure do like this blouse. What about you? Do you have a color that you have never been fond of?

Get the look: blouse, skirt, shoes

Photos by Michelle Herrick

Menswear Monday: Pink & Purple

Since we were first born it has been ingrained in us that pink and purple are for girls and blue and green are for boys. Well, I know plenty of girls that enjoy wearing blue and green, and I have never run into a guy that has an issue with it. However, it seems that plenty of guys and even some of the ladies out there still are a little iffy about guys wearing pink and purple.

People, seriously?! I love pink and purple on men. Who knows...It could be YOUR color. Here are some examples of men rockin' the colors. Next time you are in a store, please try it. If you still are unsure of how you look in the color ask a sales person for their unbiased opinion.