Part 2: Menswear "Falling" Shoot

The inspiration of this menswear shoot, in collaboration with photographer Alejandra Vidal and model Alex Lasheen, came from Robert Pattinson's Vanity Fair photo shoot. The debonair musician that Pattinson portrayed inspired Alejandra and Alex Lasheen, and then when they came to me with the concept I interpreted the idea to fit with the west coast relaxed menswear style. I also did this because instead of a piano we had a guitar, and our photo shoot location was in a gorgeous Phoenix home of Geoff Trachtenberg.

I gave Alex four looks with a couple variations on the looks. The outfits weren't complex at all. In fact, they were meant be simple and look accessible, as if this character woke up in the morning and just put his t-shirt and jeans on.

The truth is that sometimes a v-neck t-shirt and a great pair of jeans make the best looking outfit for a man, no?

Add a button down shirt, and then you have some more dimension.

Add a black blazer and then you're ready to go out on a date with a special someone.

When you're home relaxing maybe it's just a comfy cardigan over a henley. No fuss, all comfort and casual style.

A timeless classic is a white shirt and jeans. For the summer, a white linen shirt like this one is a great investment.

I hope you enjoyed the photo shoot. Don't forget to check out our awesome fashion video shared in yesterday's blog post.