Pinterest & Stylists

Before I profess my love for Pinterest, I would like to publicly express gratitude to Jeanette Leblanc and Melissa Jill for sharing Pinterest with me. I owe you gals!

In the past week Pinterest has revolutionized my business. No joke! This first big way that it has helped AVE Styles is Pinterest has asked me to share with you how I use the tool for AVE Styles, and is currently featuring me along with other fashion bloggers this week under their "Spring Looks" category. SO FUN!!!

This web tool has also helped me capture fashion trends, visualize my personal style, finally start focusing more on menswear, collect home inspiration (I'm in the process of buying a home..eek!), and share my styling projects with the rest of the world.

I have also been able to see a cohesive theme in my personal style. I can confidently say that I enjoy solid and bold prints, bright pops of color against black, white and neutrals. I'm a classic, feminine girl at heart with a touch of tomboy thrown in.

Stylists are constantly examining fashion, which can cause us to get a little lost in our personal style because we appreciate most everything. Creating a Pinterest personal style board is a great way to help you stay true to your personal style!

Also, putting a collage together of fashion trends has helped me with blogging. Honestly, I run out of things to say about fashion at times. I'll look through my Google Reader, watch some fashion TV and read magazines for blog inspiration, but sometimes nothing comes to my head. BUT this week I was able to pinpoint a trend that I'm really enjoying just by examining common threads in my style board. Check back on Monday to see what it is!

I've also connected with some new faces in the blogging/fashion world. Pinterest works a little like Twitter where you can follow people and particular collages. It also has easy Facebook integration, so you can click "Like" button if you like a board or a person you find on Pinterest.

In  the near future, I plan to use this tool to organize my thoughts for creative fashion shoots by simply making a board for that particular concept, as well as creative boards for my personal styling clients.

How would you use Pinterest? Would you collect recipes? Hair styles? Party inspiration? Share below! Leave your email address too, and I'll send you an invite for pinterest!