Sometimes when your creative juices are low you just need to get out there make something. This past summer while business was slow, longtime coconspirator and photographer, Michelle Herrick, asked to collaborate on a test shoot. There was no end goal of getting it published and there was no paying client, there was just an opportunity to work with an amazing model, Gwen from Agency AZ, and to make some magic happen. prizmablog2

I love the edgy quality of these images. It's so unlike my style, and that's the best part. It's good to stretch yourself and go beyond your comfort zone. The clothes are all thrifted and vintage pieces too, which is also very different for me. My friend Sara Chambers has a wonderful online shop, and was so kind to share her clothes with us.

Azure Schaeffer did an amazing job with the makeup. All together the collaboration was a wonderful experience and invigorating during such slow time in Arizona.