This post is sponsored by James Avery.


To me, jewelry that is treasured most has a story behind it. It could be the most expensive piece or the least expensive, but the person who gave it to me or the reason why I purchased the jewelry is usually what makes it special.  

James Avery is a jewelry company that I grew up with back in Houston, Texas.  I have several silver pieces of jewelry made by James Avery. They are treasured because of my sweet friends that gave them to me, and the spiritual meaning behind them. Being a Christian, I find I'm drawn to a lot of James Avery pieces of because of their cross motifs. When I first started pursuing my faith I was given a ring with a cross in it by James Avery. I also have a silver charm bracelet that I received the day of graduation from there. 


So, when James Avery reached out to tell me about some of their new pieces I was thrilled to review the line and tell you about one piece in particular that means a lot to me. There's something for everyone, but there was this ring from their Serene collection that I had to have. Now that I'm not wearing a wedding ring anymore, my left hand feels naked. When I saw how simple this ring was and that it was called the "serene ring" I thought to myself,  "This is the perfect reminder for me to always trust God." With my life being so different and new I struggle with surrendering things to Him, but this ring reminds me that I already have peace because I have God. It also reminds me to be bold in my faith because this ring is definitely bold.


I like wearing this ring with this vintage ring my mom gave me. It's actually the very first gift my dad ever gave my mother. And with a marriage "failing," it brings me encouragement that there are other marriages that have survived. That brings my heart peace and serenity. 

Do you have pieces of jewelry like that? I'd love to hear more about them. And if you're looking to give a special gift be sure to check out the beautiful pieces from James Avery. They really have something for everyone, and the hand crafted quality and price makes the gift one you can't pass up. 


Photos by Rennai Hoefer