shapefx-pants-425sc090209We've all heard of control-top pantie hose and Spanx, but people my age don't really wear pantie hose, and as for Spanx...they can be uncomfortable and hot. So if you're in the market for a slimming dress, pants or tanks you should check these places out. Yummy Tummy came out with a line of tank tops that slim your mid section. They come in different lengths depending on your height and style. I actually have one of these, and it's pretty nice. It has cotton on top and bottom and then spandex the middle.

Also, I just saw on Stylist's blog that Shape Fx came out with some nice wide leg pants that  also slim your waist. They look like really nice trousers that anyone would wear to work. Shape Fx also has a perfect, slimming black dress and even a gorgeous wedding dress if you're worried about your shape on your big day.

I'd also like to take this time to say, yes, I am 25 and I use shapewear. haha. There's nothing wrong with girl wanting make sure she  looks her extra best. ;) Besides, almost every celebrity walking the red carpet wears Spanx.