Purple Eyes & Red Lips

Sometimes I wish I could see the future, and there are definitely times I wish I had this power in the fashion industry. It has been said that Anna Wintour posses this gift, but I don't have any desire to be in that woman's shoes. So, I'm going to stick with aspiring to become a great guesser. haha!

Something that has my Spidey senses tingling is the combination of purple eye shadow and red lipstick for the fall. I saw a little bit of the combo last fall, and I think the beauty industry is ready to say good-bye to the usual beauty rule of only wearing pale lips with dark eyes.

Some of you may not like this guess or idea, but I'm in the mood for some rule breaking! Are you?

Ever Dreamed of Being a Magazine Editor?

thumbnail_magcloudIf  you've ever pictured yourself as the next Anna Wintour or you have a dream of starting your own magazine, check this out! Mag Cloud is a new website where all you need to do is upload your .PDFs and they'll print, mail and distribute your magazine. It costs $0.20 per page plus shipping. So, a 20 page magazine would cost $4.00 plus shipping. Pretty good if you ask me! They print on 80lb paper and saddle stitch the pages.

Granted, if you're trying to be eco-friendly you can just make an online magazine, but I still enjoy holding a magazine in my hands and flipping the pages.

So, if you're saddened because Domino and Blueprint have died and you want to create a magazine equally as awesome to fill the void, here's your chance to be the editor in chief!