40's Vintage Engagement Shoot

Last week I had the opportunity to style Annee and Scott for their engagement shoot with Stephanie Fay. Talk about some DREAM clients, Annee is a HUGE fan of the 1940's vintage style. ME TOO!!! So, naturally, Annee wanted to portray that in her engagement photos.

Once I arrived, she shared that the photography location was going to be in an airplane hangar with old airplanes. Is that perfect or what!?! She was already prepared with about 20 different outfit choices, and really just needed some help figuring out which dresses would be the best for the camera and location. Scott and Annee had even done some vintage shopping in NYC way before the shoot, and scored some perfect old man trousers for Scott.

I chose three different looks for Annee and two looks for Scott with a variation of a leather jacket.

I think this engagement shoot is a great example of walking a fine line between costume and reality. This couple appreciates the 40's era - it's a part of who they are as a couple, and I think that's very important to think about when preparing for a photography session. If you're going to invest in professional photos, make the most of it. Show your personality!!!

Even take your pets along with you!

Don't worry about what's cool, in style or if it's "cheesy". If you're creating something that YOU love, it's going to come through in the photos.

Of course, it always helps to hire an amazing photographer. Stephanie Fay is AWESOME!!! Seriously, check out her work and check out more photos from this amazing engagement shoot!