It's in the family

I come from a loud, big Greek family. We are the total stereotype with generation after generation of the same names. We have the Nick's and Nicole's, and there have been three generations of the name "Alex" except Alexander was turned into Alexandra when I came along. ;) We roast the lamb every Easter, my yiayia totally had plastic covered furniture throughout her house and did I say we're loud?

My cousins are like my brothers and sisters, and my cousin Steph and I are two peas in a pod. We may be six years apart, but we both have loved dance and fashion since we could talk. The rest of my family members are SERIOUS athletes - that kind of skipped me.

Steph definitely got the tall beauty genes in the family - growing to be 5'9" and drop dead gorgeous. So gorgeous that she has been a signed model since she was 16. Yesterday she shot me a note telling me she was on the front page of modeling Sachin & Babi, and today you can see her modeling Betsey Johnson. (If you've never heard of RueLaLa, go sign up and tell them I sent you ( It's just as good as GILT, and they sell men's, women's, travel and home decor!)

One day us Vailas girls are going to do a shoot together! Until then I can't wait to see what Steph does next!



Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sunglasses - what's in and what's out? Ray Ban Originals have come and gone. Cat Eye sunglasses are the pick for 2011!

So where should you get a pair? Well, there are two groups of people...Group A - People who invest in a quality pair of sunglasses that will last a long time. Group B - The under $20 people that constantly lose, sit on and break their sunglasses. I am in Group B.

I'm usually all about quality over quantity, but I can't keep a pair of sunglasses to save my life. Anyone else out there?

So, here are some options for both groups...

Urban Outfitters is a great place to find trendy glasses under $20. I really like the Starlight Sunglasses ($14) in pale pink. They have a retro Palm Springs vibe that I'm really into right now.

Betsey Johnson has a fantastic pair of tortoise shell glasses for $65, and you can also find them at Urban Outfitters.

For the lovers of quality, high fashion sunglasses look no further than Tom Ford. You can have extreme, designer cat eyes for an investment of $360.

Celebrity images via The Vogue Diaries.