Brillare Photo Shoot

Well, folks, here is your first look into my styling skills for a professional photo shoot I did for Brillare in conjunction with Mindspace and Promise Tangeman.

It was a fantastic experience being able to work alongside a great friend and such creative people.

The shoot took place in two days in the dead heat of Arizona's summer. I won't lie, that part was pretty hard. haha. It sure was worth it though.

The models were all students of the Brillare Hair Academy. The client wanted some high fashion photos and some images that showcased the school and what it was like to be a student.

Each model had at least two looks. The girls and guys brought clothes from home and I put them together for the shoot. I must say, it was pretty easy because these students are very stylish.

Obviously, the hair was the true star of the show, AND students created these looks. SO talented!

We had a variety of styles going on for the shoot. A mix of prints, a simple LBD, formal wear, simple menswear, edgy name it. The client wanted a variety so that any person could feel like they belonged at the school.

One of my favorite things about the shoot was being able to work with more than one model at a time and figuring out poses with Promise that showcased their hair, makeup and clothing.

Don't these girls look gorgeous?!!?

If you glance at the picture above, you'll see a necklace with scissors. Miss Promise had the brilliant idea of turning shears into an accessory.

I also walked away from this shoot understanding the importance of the model's energy and understanding of direction. With this shoot we didn't improvise as much as normal because there were so many components. We had planned poses and ideas for capturing the hair and style. I would definitely do that again for a project as large as this.

Well, what do you think? Yay or nay?