Why Women Love Shoes

I don't really like shoes, and it's because I have giant, narrow size 10 feet. Thus, shoes rarely feet me, and shopping for them can take a whole day. However, I would say that the majority of women in this country LOVE their shoes. They probably have at the minimum 12 different pairs, and the numbers grow from there.

I always thought my mom was strange to have a MASSIVE collection of shoes, but after personal styling for almost two years, I'm learning that I'm the odd duck.

So, why do you think that women love their shoes? I was just asked this question by the College Times, and my answer is, "Because they know they will always fit."

Every person has a love hate relationship with their jeans. Why? Because our bodies can easily yo-yo up and down causing us to go out an buy another pair or not fit into our favorite skinny jeans. Not so much with shoes. Every time we reach for those cute boots or put on a pair of rockin' heels we can count on them fitting.

I also think women love that shoes can quickly transform their body shape by elongating their legs and making them taller. It seems that most women under 5' 5" are addicted to heels - even heels on their slippers. I would also say that women that are 5' 8" and taller LOVE flats. I'm in the second boat.

Well, there is a documentary film coming out called, God Save My Shoes, and it explores the relationship women have with their shoes and why it's the most addicting item in a woman's closet. The film even gives a peek into the never before seen Vogue shoe closet (reason enough for me to go see this film). If this sounds like something you would love to see, the Phoenix Art Museum is doing a special showing of the film on Friday, October 28, 2011. I'm definitely going, and I would love to see you there too!

Watch a bit of the trailer below, and definitely let me know if you end up purchasing tickets!