Part 3: Let's Dance - Photo Reveal

It always feels like Christmas when I get to reveal a new photo shoot to you guys. haha.

I'm SUPER excited to share the photos of Let's Dance - a fashion collaboration between AVE Styles, Jeanette LeBlanc Photography, Kim Cornwell of Triple Threat Studios, model Jennifer Zahorski and clothing provided by The Willows.

This photo shoot was inspired by the simple beauty that dancers embody. With poise, emotion and posture even the simplest clothes and hair can be chic. Check out my past post showing some fashion inspiration behind the shoot.

We decided that Tempe Center for the Arts was the perfect place to photograph because it's an iconic piece of architecture, the walls are simple concrete and, of course, the space is used to celebrate the arts.

We definitely wanted our model, Jennifer, to have her hair up in a bun. Dance and hair bun are synonymous in my mind. haha. However, we decided to showcase two different types of buns - one on top of her head and a low messy bun that was actually made of three small ones. Kim Cornwell definitely out did herself, no?

Jennifer and I collaborated on the makeup. I really wanted smokey eyes to bring in a high fashion element and counter balance the simplicity of everything. So, we went with black eye shadow and pale lips also staying consistent with the monochromatic color scheme.

Jennifer Zahorski, our model, is a long time friend of mine. She was a professional model for a couple of years, and now works alongside the owner of The Willows boutique as a buyer for the store's clothing. You guys HAVE GOT to go in this place! The home decor is gorgeous, they sell the BEST scented candles I've ever encountered, and, of course, their selection of casual basics is awesome.

This bring me to the clothing...The Willows offers closet staples of white and black tank tops, sweaters, skinny jeans and leggings. Really simple, but necessary for every one to have because you can EASILY build off of these basics with color and accessories. AND sometimes it's okay to just wear a white tank with black skinny jeans and call it a day. With confidence and poise it doesn't matter if you're dressed head to toe in the latest print.

To tie everything together, Jeanette and Mary of Jeanette Leblanc Photography did a wonderful job directing poses, capturing the fashion and creating truly artist images that I'm so happy to have forever.

I hope you guys love it as much I do. Fire away any questions that you may have about the shoot, and DEFINITELY check out my creative partners' websites!

Part 2: Let's Dance

This past week has been a whirlwind and has left me on my butt recovering from the terrible flu. My blogging brain is a bit clouded with Aleve Cold & Sinus, so enjoy a couple shots of my latest photo shoot "Let's Dance" with Jeanette LeBlanc Photography and model Jennifer Zahorski, and hopefully I'll be back into the swing of things very soon.

Part 1: Let's Dance

Back in September, I was surfing the web and stumbled upon some dance photography, and it reminded me of the elegance and beauty dancers bring to the simplest clothing. They could be wearing a loose pocket t-shirt and leggings and look incredibly gorgeous and fashionable simply because of how they carry themselves.

So, I wanted to do a dance-wear inspired shoot with basic clothing, colors and hair to really remind everyone and MYSELF that you don't need bright lipstick, striped dresses or awesome shoes to look fashion-forward. You can wear the plainest shirt and look chic.  It's just about the ethereal, beauty that every woman possesses and needs to have confidence in.

So, here is the inspiration for the shoot that just took place on Sunday in collaboration with Jeanette Leblanc Photography, Kim Cornwell, Jennifer Zahorski and AVE Styles.

Hair inspiration...

Makeup inspiration...

I'm looking forward to seeing the final product of the team's effort and I hope you are too!