Part 1: Let's Dance

Back in September, I was surfing the web and stumbled upon some dance photography, and it reminded me of the elegance and beauty dancers bring to the simplest clothing. They could be wearing a loose pocket t-shirt and leggings and look incredibly gorgeous and fashionable simply because of how they carry themselves.

So, I wanted to do a dance-wear inspired shoot with basic clothing, colors and hair to really remind everyone and MYSELF that you don't need bright lipstick, striped dresses or awesome shoes to look fashion-forward. You can wear the plainest shirt and look chic.  It's just about the ethereal, beauty that every woman possesses and needs to have confidence in.

So, here is the inspiration for the shoot that just took place on Sunday in collaboration with Jeanette Leblanc Photography, Kim Cornwell, Jennifer Zahorski and AVE Styles.

Hair inspiration...

Makeup inspiration...

I'm looking forward to seeing the final product of the team's effort and I hope you are too!